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Have any other questions about our dropoff laundry or pickup & delivery laundry service? Feel free to contact us and we'll respond promptly with an answer.


We want you to be delighted with your laundry service and are happy to accommodate most special requests. We do not usually charge extra for special requests unless they require us to separate and use more machines than usual.

Both! We typically hang dress shirts, dresses, and slacks while we fold everything else. If you have any special requests regarding hanging or folding, just let us know when you submit your order.

We use only name-brand products like Tide, Gain, Downy, Oxyclean, and Purex. We're happy to use any products we have in stock if you have your favorites. This includes free & clear products for those sensitive to perfumes and other additives. If there's a product you'd like us to use that we don't carry, you can provide it to us and we'll store it in our back room to use on your orders only.

We do not charge a service fee on top of our regular pricing.

Yes. If you let us know you want something air dried or we see that the product label recommends air drying, then that's what we'll do. Please note that air drying might delay the return of your clothes since it can take several hours to dry completely.

Most definitely! Every customer's laundry is kept separate from other customers at all times. We do not put your laundry with anybody else's in any machines. And yes, some laundromats do exactly that in order to cut down on their costs but we think that's completely unacceptable.

All of our laundry products are premium brands like Tide, Gain, Downy, Oxyclean, Bounce, Clorox, and Purex. We do not use any generic laundry detergent.

We'll do our best to remove stains that you indicate or that we see in our initial sorting and inspection. Please understand that no laundromat can guarantee the removal of a stain. But if we're aware of one and it's not set, we'll do our best to remove it.

We reserve the right to refuse service if we believe your laundry would cause a hazard to our team or potentially damage our machines. At our discretion, we'll clean contaminated items for an additional charge including:

  • human or animal fluids
  • excessive pet hair
  • mildew
  • bedbugs

Please contact us for details.


If you're not happy with the quality of your laundry, please let us know and we'll either re-clean it or refund the fee at our discretion. We take pride in delivery a high-quality service and want to make sure you are delighted in our work.

If you notice any clothes that are damaged please let us know right away. This is incredibly rare but we'll work with you to find a fair solution.

All laundry is processed in our commercial laundromat in Woodland. You're more than welcome to visit us and see for yourself how clean and pristine our facility is and watch our professionals process laundry. 

Please check your pockets and empty them before you send your clothes to be washed. We try to inspect all garments and pockets prior to washing but are not responsible for any damage due to customer oversight.

All of your personal and payment information is stored in an encrypted cloud-based system only accessible to our employees with access. Your information is never shared with anyone nor do we rent or sell your information. Your privacy is important to us and we protect it carefully.

Payment & Pricing

For standard laundry items, we charge $1.75 per pound with a maximum charge of $57 for everything that can fit in one of our provided bags. These bags hold around 3 standard loads of laundry.

Yes, our minimum charge is $15 for our dropoff service and $35 for pickup & delivery.

We do not charge a service fee on top of our regular pricing.

Payment is typically due before we begin cleaning your clothes. The only exception is if you have elected the pay per pound option and your clothes are wet. In that case, we'll weight your clothes after they've been washed and dried so you aren't charged extra for the weight of the water.

For our pickup & delivery laundry service, you must provide a credit card that we keep on file. You can provide us that information over the phone or in-person. Your credit card information is encrypted and stored in compliance with Payment Card Industry standards. Businesses that have ongoing service may elect to be invoiced.

We provide a complete commercial laundry service with pickup & delivery. Businesses, Airbnbs, schools, and other commercial accounts may qualify for special pricing. Please get in touch with us so we can provide a customized quote.

Pickup & Delivery

Most orders will be returned on the next business day. We currently provide service Monday through Saturday (no pickups or deliveries on Sunday). For very large orders, or orders requiring special handling like air drying, it might take us an extra day but we'll let you know.

You do not need to be home for us to pickup and deliver laundry. If you aren't home, we'll simply pickup or deliver from your front porch or another location you identify. 

Whether you interact with our driver is completely your choice. We can pickup and delivery your laundry with as much or little contact as you'd like.

We're happy to pickup from any business, commercial, industrial, or agricultural location. 

If you schedule service and our driver is unable to pickup your laundry, you'll be charged a $15 service fee.

If you don't have a Sage Laundry bag, just put your clothes in trash bags or other suitable containers. We'll return them in one of our laundry bags.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to place an order. You can use our website or call/text us at 530-723-7243.

You can use our zip code checker on this page to confirm you're in our delivery area. Right now, we're delivering to Woodland, Davis, and parts of West Sacramento and Yolo County.

Not at all. We're here to take the pain away from laundry day so why spend time doing what our team is happy to do. We separate into whites, lights, and darks for every order.

Visit our Woodland location

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