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Clean Laundry Without The Headaches

Tired of doing your own laundry? Not enough time in the day to get your clothes fresh & clean? Let Sage Laundry do it for you.

We wash your clothes as if they were our own. Our laundry professionals are trained to pay attention to details. They’ll sort, inspect, spot treat and follow your laundry preferences perfectly. You’ll get back neatly folded or hung clothes packaged to easily place in your closet or drawers.

We offer standard next-day service as long as your laundry is dropped off by Noon. Same-day service is available Monday through Friday for an additional charge if received by 10AM. You will receive a text notification as soon as your laundry is available for pickup if we have a mobile phone number on file.

Don't have time to drop it off? We offer a laundry pickup & delivery service Monday through Saturday.

Our Promise

We guarantee* you’ll be delighted with our fluff & fold services. Every load of laundry goes through a stringent 11-point checklist to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Laundry is weighed in front of customers
  • Clothes are verified to be machine washable
  • Spot treatment is used on visible stains
  • Clothes are folded and bagged neatly or hung at the customer’s request
  • Customer instructions are followed
  • Clothes are washed and dried at an appropriate temperature
  • Laundry from multiple households is never combined
  • Customer is notified by text when laundry is ready for pickup
  • Clothes are sorted into lights, darks, and whites
  • Pockets are checked and personal items left behind are removed
  • Laundry is promptly removed from the dryer to prevent wrinkles

* If you aren’t happy with the quality of your laundry, please let one of our team members know. We will re-wash individual pieces or your entire load, or refund you the cost at our discretion.


Your Clothes Are Important & Valuable

Our Woodland laundromat staff is experienced and trained at doing laundry the right way. We know how to care for your clothing. We aim to not only deliver fresh & clean laundry, but to extend the life of your favorite clothes through a superior laundry experience.

Our fluff & fold service uses only premium brand products such as Tide, Oxi-Clean, Downy, Spray n Wash, and Bounce. We also offer hypoallergenic, free & clear options as well. And we have an arsenal of specialty products to help attack even the toughest loads.

Have special instructions? Just let us know as we are more than happy to meet any requests.

Simple Pricing

Priced by the bag

laundry bags for pickup and delivery

$65 (large) / $33 (medium)

Pricing by the bag allows you to save up to 20% over per pound pricing.

Laundry bags provided at no charge.

No service fee

Same day service available for $80 / $41, respectively.


Our large laundry bag holds three large laundry baskets worth of clothes, about 40 to 50 pounds of laundry. One medium laundry bag holds about half that amount - around 20 to 25 pounds of laundry.

Everything you can fit in the bag will be washed for the flat pricing.

Priced by the pound

pickup and deliveyr laundry service by the pound

$1.50 / pound

$20 minimum order

Same-day service available for $1.85 / pound ($25 minimum)

Some items priced individually:

Comforters and blankets: $15 - $25
Sleeping bags: $25 - $50
Pillows: $10 - $25
Rugs: $15 - $35

Call for details or other individually priced items

Businesses, Airbnbs, schools, and other commercial accounts may qualify for special pricing. See our commercial laundry page for details.


Our fluff & fold service is $1.50 per pound for regular service and $1.85 per pound for rush (same-day service). That price is all-inclusive for professional laundry service. We don't nickel and dime you for any extras. We also offer a flat rate option of $60 (or $74 for same-day service) for as much standard laundry that you can fit in our extra-large laundry bag.

We can accommodate any typical special request. If you'd like our team to wash, dry, and fold your clothes in a special way or using special products, just let us know when you drop them off.

We typically fold all clothes other than collared shirts, which we hang. But we're happy to fold everything or hang everything or treat specific items separately. Just let our team know when you drop off your clothes.

We will store clothes for a maximum of 30 days after which we are not responsible and may discard or donate the clothes. If there's a reason why you can't pick up your clothes within 30 days, just let us know and we can likely accommodate a longer holding time.

Yes, although we only carry a couple of detergents including Tide and All Free & Clear. If you'd like us to use a special detergent, just bring us a bottle or box. We're also happy to keep that bottle or box in our back room just for your use to make it more convenient for future service.

We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards.

Our standard service time is next-day as long as we receive your laundry by noon. This might be extended if we are unusually busy in which case you'll be notified upon drop-off. Same-day service is available for an extra charge. You'll also get a text message the moment your laundry is ready for pick up.

If your clothes are damaged due to our fault or negligence, we'll apologize profusely and replace the clothes or reimburse you for their cost at our discretion. 

It is. They mean exactly the same thing - a highly professional done-for-you laundry experience. It's also referred to as drop off laundry.

Yes, please let us know if you'd like certain pieces of clothing air-dried at the time of drop-off.

We will absolutely NOT wash your clothes along with the clothing of other people. Believe it or not, some laundromats due this in order to cut costs. So if you're paying for cheap wash and fold services, this might be the reason.

We use name brand detergents and laundry products like Tide, All, Bounce, Clorox, Oxy, and Snuggle.

With our 80-pound washers, we can wash just about anything you have. Some items might not be appropriate for washing machines and we'll try and let you know right away. But we will happily wash your bedding and bulky items like blankets, stuffed animals, dog beds, etc.

We ask that payment be made at the time of drop-off. There are some situations where we will accept payment at pick-up (like if you're dropping off wet clothes that need to be weighed after cleaning).

Our minimum order size for standard laundry is 15 pounds.

If you point out a stain or we see one during inspection, we'll pre-treat it and do our best to get it out. Unfortunately, no laundromat can guarantee that a particular stain will be removed.

Visit our Woodland location

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